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Hunimal Ecosystem


For the coexistence of Humans and Animals, Hunimal introduces Hunimal Ecosystem that will solve the vicious cycle of abandoned animals and companion animals. Market forecast, Current Status of Abandoned Animals

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Market Forecast & Abandoned Animals

Market Forecast & Abandoned Animals

Market Projection
Abandoned Animals: Annual Rate



Pet Identification Hash

The unique code value for identifying the companion animals (dogs, cats, and etc.) is matched with the vein recognition information extracted from the device that uses the vein recognition technology. The companion animal code cannot be modified once registered. The code can also be matched with the companion animal family and owner information and this can prevent the animal abandonment to a great extent.

Smart contract for pet service

The smart contracts required to provide various companion animal services are stored and executed in transactions. By programming and enabling the companion animal service functions for health care, medical treatment, public transportation, funeral services, supplies and etc., Hunimal blockchain provides a trust-based DAPP (Decentralized Application) service that the traditional service environment cannot provide.

HNI token transaction

It is a decentralized ledger of HNI tokens, which are used as a currency in the companion animal services market in the Hunimal blockchain environment. It provides a secure transaction payment environment without any centralized banks or payment processing procedures. It does not allow double spending with highly improved transaction speed compared to the traditional 1st generation blockchain, such as Bitcoin.



Hunimal Blockchain Platform (HBP)

① Area where pet service is displayed by DAPP
② Area where smart contract of various Hunimal-related services and companion animal identification information are stored
③ Area where information generated from participating services in Hunimal is stored
④ Existing system and storage area

HNI Coin


HNI Coin



HNI token



Our Team

James Kim

Management, Hunimal Blockchain
James planned and developed Meta Framework, a source generation and deployment solution using application meta information. He has a professional career in ICT field for 20 years including public organization informatization planning and consulting, and is leading various projects related to blockchain technology.


Shin Jo Kang

Shin Jo served as a member of the 14th National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Assistant Secretary of the Overseas Liaison Committee of the Economic Planning Board, and the President of Korea Minting and Security Printing. Currently, he serves as an Advisor to the Asset Management Company of Midas Asset and the Chairman of the Economic Culture Forum.

Sung Hoo Kang

Sung Hoo has previously served as the Head of the Construction Committee of New Jeju Airport, the Director of Cooperation of Jeju Province at the National Assembly Secretariat and later served as the Director of the Ministry of Finance and Planning. He is currently the President of the International Management Consultant Korea’s (IMC Korea), and the General Secretary for the Society for the New7Wonders of Nature Jeju. Also, he is the founder and the Co-President of ‘No-Money Age 100 National Health Movement Forum’.

Myung Chun Kang

Myung Chun currently serves as the Director of Euka Trading Co., Ltd., an US animal food import company and as the Representative Director of Pusan Veterinary Medicine. He has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science.

Seung Chul Baek

Seung Chul currently serves as an Honorary Animal Protection Officer, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and is a member of the Laboratory Animal Ethics Committee. He is also the Head of the Gumi branch and International Jury at the Korea Kennel Federation, working actively to promote dog welfare.

Soo Duk Seo

Soo Duk is the Chairman of the Korea International Accounting Association and is currently a Professor of Business Administration at Kyungsung University. He is a Visiting Professor at Purdue University in the United States and has a PhD in Business Administration.

Hyun Suk Joo

Hyun Suk has previously held a Lead Researcher position at the CJ Foods R&D Center, and was a Director at Genocheck (now Biocore, a KOSPI listed company) and VGX International (now GeneOne Life Science, a KOSPI listed company). He is currently the Director of Research at the Sogong Pharmaceutical Research Center.


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